Saturday, February 23, 2013

I just added subscription service for viewing video clips - in the same way you can also view my eBooks on-line, with NO DOWNLOADING!  

No filling up your mobile phone, tablet or desktop with files you only watch once anyway!  The mobile friendly page is

You can still purchase clips to download and own, just as you still can purchase eBooks, or even order printed paperback books.

The details and reasons this is so exciting, are the same as the news below regarding the subscription program for Nick Baer's Male Nude Photography eBooks.

But now, it is for Nude Male Massage video clips as well!  Front, Back, Feet, Tickle, Shower, Erotic Oral, Erotic Release, Nude Photo Shoots, Nude Cinema...

Mobile friendly, for phones and tablets, as well as for your favorite desktop computer!

Jocks Nude Massage
Jocks Being Tickled

Bare Feet
Bare Feet Bare Balls!
bare feet
5 Minute Quickie
Happy Ending!
5 Minute Quickie
5 Minute Quickie
Happy Ending!
5 Minute Quickie

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Now, for the first time, you can view Nick Baer Gallery eBooks on-line!  With this new feature, you do not need to download and save.  This is a great new option especially for Mobile and Tablet users, who do not care to fill up their storage memory with photos.

While you can still download and save a favorite title or two, the new feature allows you to view every book, every model, every theme, niche and genre.

On-line viewing is a subscription service, for as low as $4.99/month.  Downloadable eBooks (.PDF, .mobi and .epub) are still available as well, $2.49 - $1.99 each, even less by selecting package deals offered to customers after they log in with their e-mail address.

There are fun themes to books: British Beef, Body Guards, Czech Mates, Polish Jocks, Bare Feet, Fetal, Touch Your Toes, Touch Your Toes The Rear View, Men's Hands, Men Of..., Laughing Bobby, plus great solo portfolios of your favorite models in Nick Baer's Dude Lodge and Triangle Dream DVD and VOD videos.

You can also find erotic themes: Blow, Tops, and more.

Nick Baer books, featuring photos of male models as captured by Nick Baer since 1986, have been available as paperbacks since 2007, and eBooks since 2009.  This new subscription based on-line viewing opportunity, makes the male nude photography projects of Nick Baer more accessible to more and more fans, without you being bogged down by downloads if you so choose.

Models featured in Nick Baer's male nude photography Books and eBooks, are also featured in DVD and VOD videos.  You can own DVDs in Sleeve for as little as $6.99 on, DVDs in full packaging (with printed artwork and clamshell boxes) on Amazon, and TLA.

Video clips starting at $1.99 and less with discounts on (there's a new on-line viewing subscription coming there soon as well), and VOD videos on favorites: DudeLodge- AEBNHot MoviesDogGoneGameLink,TLA and XTube... TriangleDream- AEBNHot MoviesDogGone,GameLinkTLA and XTube.

Nick Baer tries to offer something for everyone, and we hope you'll agree!

Thanks again for your past purchases!

The on-line viewing technologies are fairly new, and work with all major browsers.