Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nick Baer's Czech Mates Hot on VOD and DVD

• Nick Baer's Czech Mates Shower and Bare Feet
DVD and Video On Demand -

 Nick Baer travels to Prague, Czech Republic, to discover fit sport models. Let's watch them take a shower. As a bonus, they model their bare, nude feet. Damien Drake, Justin Kingsley, Steffan Vergene, Tobi Thomas.

• Nick Baer's Czech Mates Nude Massage
DVD and Video On Demand -

 Nick Baer travels to Prague, Czech Republic, to discover four fit sports models. Why not have a nude massage? Damien Drake, Justin Kingsley, Steffan Vergene, Tobi Thomas. Full frontal male nudity, color, 55 minutes.

• Nick Baer's Czech Mates Nude Photo Shoots
DVD and Video On Demand -
Nick Baer travels to Prague, Czech Republic, to bring you fit sport jocks, and their nude photo shoots. Complete with added bonus - the slide shows from the nude photo shoots.

Enjoy Damen Drake, Justin Kingsley, Steffan Vergene, Tobi Thomas.

These titles are hot on VOD and DVD!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Getting Ready To Go Back To Europe

I'm getting ready to go back to Europe, to shoot more amazing nude male models for your enjoyment.

This week I was able to re-locate 10 of my DVD titles, half from the 1990s, and add them to the DudeLodge DVDs website and DVD shopping cart!

2 Hotties Dylan Skylar And Bryce Van Ryan
Alone In Michael Crowe's Vegas Hotel Room
Here Cums Ben Clinton (Zac Trulove)
Here Cums Rexxx
Here Cums Tarzan
Joe Landon Porn Star Audition
Kaiser Yonge Dildo Experience
Kurt Kanyon Dildo Experience
Kurt Kanyon Works Out With Coach Karl
Massage & Jack Off- Daniel Takahashi
Playgirl Real Man Joe

Ben Clinton (Zac Trulove from New Orleans) is a pioneering first-person solo self-made video from 1993, who shot a scene in every room in his apartment!  As is Playgirl Real Man Joe from the east coast, who was one of the magazine's first Real Men.  Rexxx is also early 1990s, video'd by his female friend, so there is fun verbal interaction while Rexxx plays for you.  Tarzan is an early 1990s, long-haird Florida male stripper, of Tropical descent, huge muscles, with plenty of talking to the camera while he pleasures himself multiple times.  Joe Landon is one of America's favorite 1990s porn stars - and this is a compilation of his earliest solo works.

(If you want to see more picture previews of any of these 1990s titles, go to HotMovies and in the upper left search box, type in the title of the video from the above list, and you can find images from the same DVD video.)

I also added more recent DVDs with models Dylan Skylar and Bryce Van Ryan, Michael Crowe (Playgirl favorite), Kaiser Yonge, str8 blue collar Kurt Kanyon and asian Daniel Takahashi, because these videos have been popular on VOD sites, and I want to make the DVDs of these models available for collectors.

From the 1990s to the late 2000s, here's a new look at 11 solo and duo models performing for you on DudeLodge DVDs .

Back in the USA, I am filling DVD orders from fine customers such as yourself.  After spending most of 2011 in the UK and Prague, shooting new movies for you, it's a good time to take stock.

Do you have friends who like DVDs for their personal collection?  Spread the word, and if they mention your e-mail address with their order, I'll BONUS you a DVD disc on your next order.

Thanks again for the orders, they keep me going! I will be back in Europe in the Spring 2011. Speaking of which, I'll have plenty of time to attend to your DVD order - or eBook or Clip downloads - in the meantime.

I have made available again a number of classic exhibitionist DVDs...

As well as my newest titles, shot in the UK last summer, as well as new mates in Prague, CZ.

Plus more Las Vegas Body Guards titles! Dani Davey, Farm Boy Tom have been very popular - and I added 7 new Body Guards in October! 7-times the fun, when these str8 jocks go to the naughty photographer for their 1st nude photo shoot, and get fluffed and buffed from top to bottom!

The Next Body Guards - 7 new fit muscle models from Las Vegas.  7 solo DVDs, and 4 compilation DVDs of the 7 jocks.  If you would alike all 11, I will give you a special rate.

I've also created some new package deals for existing customers:

DVDs are as low as $7ea, plus shipping. Plain discs, autographed, in sleeves with no printing.

Many titles are now also available as Download To Own, for your mobile device, Tablet, desktop, or laptop.

Use your My Book Shelf log in to manage your eBook and clip purchases, and to hook back up to files you have lost due to hard drive failure, or switching mobile phones. has new eBooks featuring the next Body Guards, the British Beef, and my new Czech mates. Prices range from $2.49/ea - $1.99/ea. Click on , and surf around a bit.  There's several pages of catalog information to look at.  If you're not quite ready for the DIY eBook files from, you can also get some from Amazon Kindle, and all from B&N Nook. has the full library of massage, tickle, shower, and 5 minute quickie clips for your desktop, laptop or mobile device. Click on , and surf around a bit.  There's several pages of catalog information to look at.

If you like the more traditional packaged DVDs, with hard shell case and printed sleeve, check out my TriangleDream DVDs on  , as well as the printed paperback editions of my nude photo books on  .  You can also find fully packaged box with artwork DVDs on - TriangleDream DVDs on and DudeLodge DVDs on

Thanks again, and thanks for making my photo/video trip to the UK and EU happen!